A downloadable game for Windows

Eclipe is a Storyrich RPG made by GayaGames. It has 2D Pixel Graphics and is Currently in Pre-Alpha.

Quick introduction to the story (Without Major Spoilers) You follow a character named Cleon (The Main Protagonist) in the war between Summerfall, Komohal and Fistdraw (The 3 major alliances) And your grandma dies in the very start because she get's crushed under a big rock that got dropped into their house by the Komohalian Army, which is one of the things that drives the main character (Cleon) through to whole game (the other thing is to save the world). He then gets imprisoned by the Komohalians and have to find a way out.

We have designed several features to make the game more interesting For Example. You can get several abilities/skills to help you fight enemies (Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Magic, Nature, Transformation, Beast Mastery)

Alot of this stuff isn't in the game right now but this is what we hope to implement

Pixelart by: Anonymous Individual, and Bertram Winter

Programming by: Bertram Winter

Contact:  contact@gayagames.com


Move: WASD

Shoot Fire: Right Click

Punch: Left Click

Pause Menu: Esc

Shoot Rocks: Space




Eclipe is in Pre-Alpha

Install instructions

Be sure that the Data file and exe is at the same location in a folder not a zip or rar


Alpha 1.1 14 MB

Development log